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Residential Services Staff

Full Time

Job Title: 

Residential Services Staff


Community/Family Shelter

Reports To:

Shelter Manager

Shift Available: Wed.-Sun., 7 AM - 3:30 PM

Position Overview: 

Residential Services Staff are responsible for assisting guests and other staff and maintaining the quality of daily activities and services at Path of Life Ministries sites. All Residential Services Staff are responsible for monitoring within and around the premises to which they are assigned, assisting with food service, monitoring and reporting on the condition of the site and assisting with general maintenance, conducting daily janitorial duties, helping to create and maintain a safe encouraging and positive atmosphere within the program, assisting with guest relations including intakes, guest requests, grievances and compliance issues, assisting with volunteer and visitor relations, and other daily operational duties as assigned or requested. 

Residential Services Staff must work closely with supervisors on emergency decisions and/or giving direction to subordinate Interns according to the policy, procedures, principals, and values of Path of Life Ministries. 

Preferred Skills/Knowledge:  

• Housing-First Principles • Shelter Diversion • Trauma Informed Care • Customer Service • Motivational Interviewing • Ethics Professionalism & Boundaries • CPR • Safe Food Handling 

Essential Job Functions 

1. Maintain the quality of daily activities and services at job site: 

  • Interact with Guests, Staff, Volunteers, and Visitors according to POLM Policy. 

  • Ensure excellent delivery of quality care and service in every aspect of the job. 

  • Report ideas, observations, and concerns, regarding the quality of service and performance of general operations and subordinate interns in writing to supervisor. 

  • Report all incidents to supervisor and follow supervisor’s direction. 

2. Monitoring within and around the premises: 

  • Monitor shelter guests while they are in the building and on POLM property to ensure they are safe, feel welcomed and are following all POLM shelter agreement standards. 

  • Monitor and Assist subordinate Interns as directed by supervisors with daily shelter functions, ensuring that they are well informed of what is required of the job and how it is to be performed. 

  • Report all concerns and activities to supervisor in writing. 

3. Assist with food service: 

  • Help prepare meals for guests. 

  • Give assistance and direction to guests and volunteers in order to maintain high quality food service according to POLM Standards. 

4. Monitor and report on the condition of the site and assist with general maintenance and janitorial duties: 

  • Report any observed concerns, repair needs, recommended improvements, and supply needs to supervisor. (Emergencies handled immediately, all others handled according to report procedure.) 

  • Work with supervisor to resolve general maintenance and/or repairs issues. 

  • Maintain the cleanliness, order and hygiene of the facility. 

5. Help to create and maintain a safe encouraging and positive atmosphere within the program: 

  • Interact with guests, staff, interns and volunteers in a manner reflective of Path of Life Ministries core values and standards. 

  • Use every situation as an opportunity to encourage and build up others. 

  • Smile and maintain a positive attitude. 

  • Report all safety concerns immediately to supervisor and work with supervisor to resolve. 

6. Guest Relations: 

  • Process intakes including security screening and paperwork for returning and emergency guests. 

  • Efficiently and effectively provide excellent customer service to guests by attending to their needs while in the facility to the best of your abilities. 

  • Food service, Clean Up, Linen Distribution, Hygiene Needs, etc. 

  • Provide and assist shelter guests with grievance forms per POLM Policy. 

  • Complete compliance reports as needed per POLM Policy. 

7. Visitor and Volunteer Relations: 

  • Ensure high quality customer service for every visitor and volunteer that arrives at the building. 

  • Ensure the proper documentation of all volunteer hours, visitor information, and donations according to POLM policy and procedure. 

  • Assist and direct volunteers as needed. 

8. Daily Operational Duties as requested and assigned: 

  • Ensure that dorm areas are not left unmonitored for more than 20 minutes in any hour when shelter guests are in the building. 

  • When leaving the dorm, dining area or immediate program area inform other staff and let them know where you will be in the building to ensure safe coverage. 

  • Answer and take phone message as requested by your supervisor. 

  • Know all safety drills, emergency numbers, and POLM numbers in case of emergencies. 

  • Be proficient in the program offerings of POLM and when asked about how to make contact with certain programs you can provide accurate and timely information – when in doubt, direct inquires to your supervisor. 

  • Respond to all communications provided verbally, in memos and/or e-mails daily. 

  • Treat all staff, shelter guests and volunteers in a warm, friendly and professional manner. 

  • Perform data input/sign–in procedures as directed by supervisor. 

  • Attend meetings that relate to job responsibility or as requested by management. 

  • Other duties as assigned. 

9. Required qualifications: 

  • Employment eligibility verification. 

  • Reliable personal (not public) transportation available at all times with proof of insurance. 

  • Successful completion of background screening. 

10. Physical Requirements: 

  • Standing for long periods of time 

  • Carrying/Lifting up to 50lbs

11. Special Requirements:

  • Must have or obtain a Riverside County Food Handlers Card

  • Must have or obtain slip resistant shoes

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other
related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

Path of Life Ministries is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are
available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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