Rescuing . Restoring . Rebuilding Lives .

Who We Are

Path of Life Ministries is a 501c3 organization, serving the City of Riverside since 1998.  We have become a premier non-profit service agency committed to meeting the needs of the community by serving the greater Riverside area’s homeless, challenged youth and family population.

Our strategy is to provide a holistic system of care provided in an integrated, seamless manner to individuals and families, leading them from a place of crisis to a life of stability and self-sufficiency. Our commitment to partner with community organizations and agencies contributes to a holistic, community based solution that improves the social, economical and spiritual health and vitality of the impoverished, homeless, and at risk individuals and families in Riverside County.

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Our Mission

Enhance the economic vitality of our community through the process of rescuing, restoring, and rebuilding lives of those affected by homelessness.

Our Vision

A whole, healthy community with whole and healthy people

Our Guiding Principle

Provide a holistic, community based solution that improves the local social, economic, and spiritual health of our region and its people
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Transformation Happens

We Believe

Everyone deserves an opportunity to build a whole and healthy life. We accomplish this by extending our services with our local collaborative partners, other providers and support agencies.

We Know

Thousands of children, parents, veterans, elderly, disabled or otherwise sick and struggling people find themselves in a homeless situation each year in Riverside County.

We Are Committed

To rescuing, restoring, and rebuilding lives by creating solutions and providing the emergency relief, helping hand, and guidance that people need to get safely back on their feet and build self-sufficient and thriving lives.
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