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Behavioral Health Internship Program

Path of Life Behavioral Health Program is committed to the education and training of students in the helping professions.  Our goal is to help students develop into competent, effective and ethical clinicians within the public behavioral health system.  Students participating in this program will gain practical, hands-on training and clinical experience from an organization that provides direct services to the chronically homeless.  It is expected that students will be able to demonstrate basic clinical and professional competences upon completion of the program.

We accept applications from BSW, MSW or AMSW, MFTT or AMFT, and PCC students.

Practicum Internship Opportunities

  • Services to support Life Skills and Activities for Daily Living
  • Communication Skills Enhancement
  • Anger Management
  • Art Therapy and Play Therapy
  • Mental health recovery including Wellness Recovery Action Plan
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Social Work Generalist Model task
  • Counseling: individual, couples, and family
  • Crisis Assessment and Intervention
  • Trauma Focus CBT
  • Symptom Assessment and Diagnosing
  • Individual, Couple, Family and Group Therapy
  • Advocacy Services – To Support Self-Sufficiency
  • Substance Abuse Groups
  • Recovery Referral Services
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What to Expect

Late Winter
Path of Life Behavioral Health Program beings accepting applications. Submit your application at [website]
Late Spring
If you are identified as a qualified candidate, you may be invited to interview for practicum internship opportunities
Attend the mandatory pre-practicum orientation and training to prepare for internship
Early Fall
Students will begin at their assigned field location

General Information

Field Locations

Behavioral Health Main Office
1240 Palmyrita Ave., Suite A.
Riverside, CA  92507

Community Shelter
2880 Hulen Place
Riverside, CA 92507

Family Shelter
2530 Third St
Riverside, CA 92507

Possible field locations may also include,

Outreach services:
Scattered across Riverside County

Housing Program:
Housed clients across Riverside County

Population Served

Path of Life Behavioral Health Program serves the chronically homeless in Riverside County.  Our client participants are from ages 6 to 17 years old and from 18 to elderly, may have co-occurring disorders, substance use, and serious mental and/or physical health concerns, and may have a history of multiple hospitalizations or incarcerations.  Client participation in the Behavioral Health Program is voluntary.

Hours Required

Graduate-level students are expected to complete up to 20 hours per week for at least 9 months of training, even if that exceeds academic requirements. MFT interns are 12 months.

Minimum 10 hours per week
Average 15 hours per week
Maximum 20 hours per week

If selected, students are required to attend mandatory orientation and training prior to starting their program

Supervision Format

Students will be provided with individual supervision with a qualified behavioral health professional.  Where possible, students will also be offered group supervision opportunities.

Individual Supervision:
According to Field Supervisor Scheduling

Group Supervision:
Day, Evening & Weekends Available