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One-Time Group Events

The first step toward community service for many group members is a one-time group activity that exposes them to the need, to the opportunity to partner with God and fellow members in meeting that need, and to the incredible personal reward they can receive in giving of themselves in this way.  Though Path of Life can’t always accommodate groups’ requests to host a group service project at one of our sites, we always try our best to do so.  These projects can include manual labor days, group activities for our guests, fundraisers, and donation drives.

Note: The availability of group work days and/or activities is based on current needs at each site and the staffing resources to accommodate and host the group.  Groups are expected to cover the costs of all supplies used in the projects unless otherwise arranged by Path of Life.  Path of Life requests that groups provide an additional $250.00 suggested donation to Path of Life to cover additional staffing costs related to planning with and hosting the group.  This donation is not expected from groups who give regularly to the ministry. 

Ongoing Group Activities

  • Guest Chef Program– Guest Chefs are teams of 5 to 8 people who purchase, prepare, and serve meals to guests in one of our shelters.
  • Angel Allies– Angel Allies are individuals or groups who invest in a homeless guest’s or a housing client’s effort to become self-reliant by meeting a specific need that will make a huge difference in their determination toward a stable and self-sufficient future. Angel Allies can work anonymously through one of our Support Team or directly with the individual or family.  Our experienced Support Team helps to ensure that the Angel Ally’s investment is implemented in a way that empowers those we serve.

Due to capacity concerns at our shelters, groups can generally consist of 10-15 people, but larger groups can be approved at the discretion of the Shelter Director, Assistant Shelter Directors, Program Directors, and Administration.  If your group would like to volunteer with us, please email us at and include this information in your inquiry:

  1. How many people plan to volunteer?
  2. Does your group intend to volunteer once or on an ongoing basis?
  3. When are you looking to volunteer and at what time?
  4. With which program does your group want to volunteer? (Family Shelter, Community Shelter, Employment Program, etc.)