Address: 2840 Hulen Place, Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 683-4101
Hours: 4:00 pm-8:30 am. Initial intake and screening Mon, Wed, Fri at 1:00 pm

Community Shelter Program

for Single Men & Women 

The Community Shelter Program is an emergency homeless shelter  that serves adults by providing an immediate exit off of the street into temporary housing along with assistance in obtaining important documents, job readiness, computer workshops, counseling, meals, hygiene supplies and various other forms of social, spiritual, and emotional support. This program provides beds for up to 64 qualified single men and women at one time with separate dormitories for each gender. This facility is managed by Shelter Director Toni Adkins.


Address: 2530 Third Street, Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 275-8755
Hours: 4:00 pm-7:45 am

Family Shelter Program

for Families with minor children

This program is offered to single parents with children, couples with children and single women. It offers a safe haven to help families move toward self-reliance, where support services focus on rapid re-housing, employment and increased income. It is a dormitory setting with 50 beds. Proof of custody, social security numbers for all members and identifications for adults are required for entry. Guests are provided with life skills workshops, meals, showers and laundry facilities. Achievement Coaches also assist with setting goals, finding housing and employment, identifying income issues and starting a savings plan. This facility is managed by Shelter Director Toni Adkins.


Housing Programs

Rapid Re-Housing

Our Rapid Re-Housing Program provides assistance for the most immediate housing possible for homeless families with children in scattered privately owned homes and apartments throughout Riverside County.  This program provides temporary rental subsidies on a sliding scale for according to each family’s need along with coaching and wrap around support (both from other Path of Life Ministries programs and from those within our extensive network of partners).  The stable housing and support lend to self-sufficiency and thriving lives for each family.


Permanent Supportive Housing

Similar to our Rapid-Rehousing Program, our Permanent Supportive Housing Program provides the immediate housing in scattered privately owned homes and apartments throughout Riverside County.  This program is available to chronically homeless individuals and some families (who have been homeless for the greatest lengths of time and also have a qualifying disability).  The Permanent Supportive Housing Program provides long-term rental subsidies according to the need of each participant along with coaching and wrap around support (both from other Path of Life Ministries programs and from those within our extensive network of partners) with the goal of supporting the highest quality of life possible for each participant and the greatest opportunity possible to obtain self-sufficiency and participate as a contributing member of our community.

Rental Assistance

This year’s funds have been exhausted for this program. When available, this program provides one time rental assistance (up to $1000.00) to those exiting from homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.


Path of Life Ministries provides direct outreach to those living outside (homeless) throughout Riverside County with the goal of establishing trust and then providing appropriate referrals and connections to programs that can help them exit their homeless situation and address related issues that threaten their safety and well being.


In partnership with First 5 Riverside County and Family Services Association, Path of Life Ministries provides free childcare and transportation to that childcare for children (1-5 yrs) of homeless families and those who have recently experienced homelessness.  Providing this childcare ensures that the children’s educational and developmental needs are well provided for and allows the parents to focus time and energies on securing stable housing and family income that supports their long-term self-sufficiency and success.

Behavioral Health Program

In partnership with Riverside Community Health Foundation, Path of Life Ministries runs a mobile behavioral health program providing counseling, therapy, and an array of life skills support aiding in the mitigation of underlying barriers that would otherwise hinder a successful journey out of homelessness and the cycles of poverty.  Our  team of behavioral health specialists also provide ongoing training to our staff in the best practices of the field and facilitate a variety of enrichment activities for the children of families in our programs.  Partner providers in this program include the Riverside Art Museum, Fox Riverside Foundation/Live Nation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Empire, and California Baptist University.

Employment Pipeline

The employment pipeline provides assessment, job readiness training, direct referrals, job placement, and self-employment support to homeless individuals participating in Path of Life Ministries’ shelter and housing programs, making the smoothest journey possible toward sustainable income development and self-sufficiency.

Recuperative Care

The Illumination Foundation has partnered with Path of Life Ministries and IEHP to open and manage the County of Riverside’s only Recuperative Care Shelter, making it possible for homeless individuals who have been hospitalized don’t have to exit the hospital to the streets before they are able to take care of themselves and remain healthy without having to immediately re-enter the hospital.  The recuperative care program operates within Path of Life Ministries Community Shelter building.

Emergency Cold Weather Shelter

Between December 1 and April 15 of each year, Path of Life Ministries’ Community Shelter expands its capacity to offer emergency shelter from the cold weather to individuals on a first come first serve basis.  Housed in the Community Shelter building alongside our Shelter Program for adult men and women, intakes into the Emergency Cold Weather Shelter are processed daily from 4pm – 6pm until the shelter has reached capacity.