The Biblical Mandate

The biblical mandate of caring for the poor is clear, but the task is far bigger than any one church or ministry can take on. Path of Life is at the heart of a collaborative effort by churches throughout Riverside to care for the city’s  poor, widows, and orphans. We are looking for more partners in the church family of Riverside who are willing to give a dollar a month to support these efforts.

The Program is Simple

The Dollar-a-Month program is specifically for churches. If every church member can make a small contribution on a monthly basis, it will collectively have a huge impact in serving Riverside’s poor with the love of Jesus.

How Path of Life Supports its Church Partners

Path of Life supports the efforts of our church family partners by providing a 2-3 minute video update every month that can be shown during announcements at weekend church services. We’ll provide both DVD and internet formats. This is a family effort and we want to keep our church family in the loop about how their giving is having a direct impact on people’s lives for Christ.

Recent Dollar-a-Month Video Updates

Below is an archive of past Dollar-a-Month updates that Path of Life provides to church partners:




Become a Church Partner

If your church would like to partner with us, simply fill out the form below: