Meeting people & families in a housing crisis at their place of greatest need.
Compassionate coaching & wraparound services to promote self-sufficiency & family restoration.
A holistic, community-based approach to improve the health & vitality of those affected by homelessness.

Homelessness is a situation, not an identity.

Path of Life has 10 programs serving those affected by poverty and homelessness in Riverside County. We offer three shelter programs in the City of Riverside and have a number of housing programs throughout Riverside County. Our premier outreach team traverses the entire County to find and connect those living on the street with community based resources to help them safely get back on their feet. Our additional stabilization services include child care, behavioral health services, employment development, and a myriad of supportive services that help our shelter guests and housed participants rebuild their lives.

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Stories of Impact

Path of Life recognizes those individuals who dedicate themselves to serving our neighbors affected by homelessness. They have answered the call to help where there is need and have proven that with the right support the cycle of poverty can be broken. We thank our program participants for allowing us to offer the support needed to help them rebuild their lives and we strive to continue providing the programs and services necessary to ending homelessness in Riverside County.

Team member
Residential Services Staff Lead
Stephanie started with Path of Life as a behavioral health intern in January 2017 and was recently hired as the RSS Lead for our Community Shelter. “I see that the staff have a real love for their job and Path of Life. I am so proud to be part of this team and I truly love my job“
Team member
Mr. Smiddy
Program Participant
Mr. Smiddy's story displays the integral role holistic, wraparound services have in restoring someone's life and dignity. We are proud to be on the forefront helping to end homelessness among veterans.
Team member
Melina Boswell
Donations Partner, New Wealth Advisors Club
As a dedicated Path of Life Board Member, Melina has partnered up and made it her mission to spread Path of Life’s message of hope and help in any way she can to help make that goal a reality for all of the homeless and poor in Riverside.
Team member
CBU Business 101 Course
Community Partner
Students of the California Baptist University Business 101 course graciously donated the profits from the micro-businesses to our Emergency Shelter. The students raised over $1,500, enough to sponsor 3 nights shelter as a part of our new Sponsor-a-Night program.

Thank You to our Community Partners

A Home Makes Hope Possible

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