We address significant barriers for people in housing crisis. Individuals and families are met first at their place of largest need with protection, food, shelter and stabilization services.
The process of restoring begins through compassionate coaching, housing navigation, health care services, and wraparound services that are provided to promote self-sufficiency and family restoration.
Our holistic, community based approach contributes to improving the overall social, economical and spiritual health and vitality of those affected by poverty and homelessness.

Homelessness is a situation,
not an identity.

Path of Life Ministries is a non-profit organization (501c3) providing support services to those affected by homelessness in Riverside County. We are committed to rescuing, restoring, and rebuilding lives by creating permanent solutions and providing the emergency relief, the helping hand, and guidance that people need to get safely back on their feet. With a home, a self made plan, and a network of care, individuals and families in crisis can become sustainable and learn to thrive.

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(951) 462-9822 – Riverside

(760) 601-5424 – East Valley

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Path of Life has 10 programs serving those affected by poverty and homelessness in Riverside County. We offer three shelter programs in the City of Riverside and have a number of housing programs throughout Riverside County. Our premier outreach team traverses the entire County to find and connect those living on the street with community based resources to help them safely get back on their feet. Our additional stabilization services include child care, behavioral health services, employment development, and a myriad of supportive services that help our shelter guests and housed participants rebuild their lives.

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Change is Possible

We provide holistic person centered care aiding in the stability and self-sufficiency of those we serve.

Path of Life Employment Pipeline

The Path of Life Employment Pipeline program works alongside the Housing programs and West County Emergency Shelters to provide job assessment, job readiness training, and job placement assistance to help clients generate income to secure and maintain housing. Last year, the program served over 100 individuals and families and helped 26 individuals secure and sustain long-term employment.

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Mayor Rusty Bailey

City of Riverside

“Path of Life has proven itself through the years as a trusted partner in providing dignity, support, and opportunity to our neighbors without homes.  I am grateful for their passion and expertise in serving our most vulnerable residents and can always count on them to do the right thing.”

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Lori Jean LaCasse


“Volunteering with Path of Life Ministries is an amazing experience.  It is wonderful to be part of a group of people who are so incredibly passionate about serving the homeless and poor in our community.  Every day, I see the amazing ways that God is working in the lives of those we serve.  We do our best, and God does the rest.”

A Home Makes Hope Possible

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